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Membership Profiles #002-020
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Name: Lady Jessa

Membership #: 002

Age: 24

Birthday: April 22

Clan: Tiger Clan

About Me: Well, I'm good friends with Keydee, and have been involved with Ashes and the Kineta Sisterhood for a long time! I'm also part of The Guardians, another Ashes site that will be up and running soon. I'm also known as a shapeshifter, and you guessed it, I can shift into a tiger. :) Now see if you can figure out what Keydee's powers are...



Name: BrambleShadow

Membership #: 003

Age: 14

Clan: Wolf Clan

About Me: HI my name is Jessica and I love animals...umm if you want to know anything else just ask me!!

Why join the Sisterhood? : IDK!!! I saw it on quizilla.


Name: Mistress Shani

Membership #: 004

Age: 17

Birthday: February 17

Clan: Bear Clan

About Me: I'm 17 and luv all this fantasy stuff! Lot's of fun! Can I have magic powers too?

Why join the Sisterhood: Sounded fun! And I like the clan badge!


Name: Sunny Anders

Membership #: 005

Age: 27

Birthday: May 4

Clan: Bear Clan

About Me: I'm an amatur writer and clean freak who loves snow and polar bears.

Why join the Sisterhood? : Because I can



Name: ladaykitty
Membership #: 006
Age: 15

Birthday: December 27

Clan: Tiger Clan

About Me: i love hellokitty

Why join the Sisterhood? : because i have best that i call my sisters